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Beaubassin-est prepared a Guide for newcomers in the municipality

The Beaubassin-est rural Community prepared a Guide for new residents in the municipality. It contains information that could help them move in a new community.
There is information on the municipality, like Garbage Collection and Community Activities, as well as how to find Employment and Housing. People who would like to receive a Guide for Newcomers can go to the Municipal Office located at 1709 Route 133 in Grand-Barachois, but they can also find the Guide on the Website at www.beaubassinest.ca,under « Our Community / Guide for Newcomers ».
If you know new residents in the community, you can also contact the municipality so we can send them the guide. For more information, please contact the Municipal Office at 532-0730.
Christine LeBlanc
Beaubassin-est Rural Community
Tel: (506) 532-0730
Fax: (506) 532-0735
Email: christine.leblanc@beaubassinest.ca
(Monday June 4th, 2012)
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