Ward 3 is Grand-Barachois which accounts for approximately 2687 people and about 42% of the total population. Mr. André Bourque, Mr. Michel E. Gaudet and Mrs. Michelle Gallant-Richards are the councillors of this Ward.  Mr. André Bourque, Mr. Jean Charles Dugas and Mr. Jean Paul Melanson were the councillors of this Ward for the last term. Mrs. Maryse LeBlanc was a councillor of this Ward from 2008 to 2012 and also Mayor from May 2012 to September 2014. M. Robert Bourque was a councillor of this Ward from 2006 to 2008. The Barachois parish was established around 1789 and included the entire region of Beaubassin-est and the area known as Tédiche at the time. The first church, now known as the Barachois Historic Church, was built around 1825. There is also a historic monument next to the Kouchibouguac River bridge. The main economic activities in this region include fishing, farming, peat moss production, wood mills as well as various merchants such as a grocery store, camping sites/restaurants, a race track center, etc. The only school inside the Rural Community is located in this Ward. This region also has a community center, a financial institution, a post office as well as the municipal office of the Rural Community. Important natural attractions in this Ward are evidently the numerous beaches and marshes, in particular P’tit-Barachois marsh. Water sports as well as the wharfs become important aspects for the entire population.


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The Summer Music presents "Fire & Passion"

September 01, 2016
Barachois Historic Church

Golden Age Club Dance

September 10, 2016
Cultural Centre of Cormier-Village

Blind race

September 17, 2016
Centre for Speed in Grand-Barachois
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