Since January 1st, 2011, the Beaubassin-est Rural Community is responsible for managing the service of public street lights on its territory. The adopted policy applies to all public street lights located in the wards of the municipality who voted to have the street lighting service. The developer of a new street must notify the municipality when the electricity poles are installed, to have access to the service.
To report a malfunctioning light, you can contact NB Power directly at 1-800-663-6272, or visit their website,, or you can contact the Beaubassin-est Rural Community at532-0730. You must provide the numeric code of the New Brunswick Power Corporation post on which the concerned light is mounted, as well as the exact location of the referred pole and light.
For more details, you can read the Politique 10-02 : Éclairage des rues publiques on the municipality’s website, at, under the Notre municipalité / Politiques administratives tabs. An English version of this policy will be available soon.


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