2012-2016 Council committee mandates

The following committees are indebted to the Council of Beaubassin-est:
Comité des Finances et du Personnel
  • Prepare and supervise all that is pertaining to the budget
  • Provide recommendations to Council on all financial and income tax rates
  • Study all contracts, financial engagement or tendering service of Beaubassin-est
  • Select, hire and negotiate all employee work contracts
  • Elaborate and revise on a regular basis the employee handbook
  • Support all other committees with financing of their projects when needed
The committee members are:
Laurie McGraw, President, André Bourque and Ronnie Duguay
Comité de Planification et de Relations publiques (the Comité d’Installations and the Comité pour la Planification stratégique would be ad hoc of this committee)
  • Revise and propose modifications of all Council politicies and By-Laws
  • Evaluate the needs of the community regarding the addition and administration of services and infrastructure
  • Evaluate the needs of the municipal building
  • Supervise and evaluate the strategic plan of Beaubassin-est on a regular basis
  • Elaborate and supervise the economic development plan with the partners
  • Coordinate and supervise communications with the citizens
The committee members are:
Laurie McGraw, President, Gaétan LeBlanc and Ronnie Duguay
Ad Hoc of this committee (members)
Comité d’Installations → André Bourque, President, Jean Charles Dugas and Omer Léger
Comité pour la Planification stratégique → Richard Ratelle, President, Gilles Cormier and Jean Paul Melanson
Comité de la Sécurité publique et de l’Environnement
  • Elaborate and supervise the green plan of Beaubassin-est
  • Supervise and support the environmental initiatives and infrastructures
  • Study and propose initiatives that could ensure the security of the community
  • Maintain communication with service and protection agencies for the affected Beaubassin-est territory (RCMP, Vision H2O, etc.)
  • See to the coordination and evaluation of the Emergency Measures plan on a regular basis
The committee members are:
Gilles Cormier, President, Jean Charles Dugas and Gaétan LeBlanc
Comité de Fierté communautaire et culturelle
  • Support and coordinate the implementation of programs and activities
  • See to the organization of the consultation forum of organisations in the community
  • Manage the support fund of organisations in the community
  • Evaluate the needs and the location of new recreation installations
  • See to the coordination of the usage and of maintenance of recreation installation
  • See to the development of a feeling of belonging and of community pride and culture in Beaubassin-est
The committee members are:
Jean Paul Melanson, President, Omer Léger and Richard Ratelle
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6th Christmas Party

December 10, 2015

Beaubassin-est Rural Community's public meeting

December 21, 2015
Municipal building

Chicken, Turkey and Lobster Bingo

December 04, 2015
Saint-André-LeBlanc Centre
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